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Uniquely rika

Posted by subtowife on June 1, 2008

I bought another book this week, Uniquely Rika by Ms. Rika. The book is about service-oriented dominance and submission. For anybody living in a wife-led-marriage this book is essential.

I was interested in the book after a mailcorrespondance I had with Ms Rika. She was kind enough to comment on an entry in my blog. After her comment I wrote to her and she gave my som good advice.

The topic of our discusison was “my need versus what I want”. I was focused on how I could make my wife fullfill my needs. She argued that the only way to make this work was for me to stop focusing on my needs and turn all my attention to serving my wife. Serving her should be what I wanted and it should be serving her that gives me satisfaction.

She argues that D/s is not about what the wife does to the husband, but what he does for her. Since then my focus has been on making my wife happy and my pleasure is to serve her.  This advice is very succesful, I feel good serving her and she enjoys  having it her way and only doing the chores that she chooses to do. 

The book is in two parts. First section is about the D/s-relationship.  Rika takes a no-nonse-approach to the this. Her insight in the dynamics of the D/s-relationship is impressive and her understanding of the male mind is almost scaring 🙂 Reading the book was very usefull to me, but I think that the real value will be for my wife to read it. She will be able to understand our relationship in a new perspective and she will find good advice on how to handle the relationship.

The second part is about “male-centric”. This is very fascinating to read (for the male at least :-). Ms Rika sees these activities as gifts the wife can choose to give her husbond when she feels that he should get somthing “male-centric”. Most of these activities are described in the same no-nonsense-style as the first part. And again Ms. Rika know was she is talking about, and wifes who may want to give their husbonds “gifts” can learn how to do it. Meanwhile, for the male, reading this section makes you dream of what maybe could be someday.

Everybody living in a wife-led-marriage should read this book.

My wife has the book now and I hope that she will read it some day in the next 1-2 months. She saw how fascinated I was by the book and she decided she would read the book during summer. 


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  1. […] and Ms. Rika. Ms. Rikas comment made a big impression on me and I have later bought and read her book.  My focus now is on serving my wife the way she wants. My focus is on what I can do for her, nor […]

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